Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The Environmental Model of Health

The Environmental Model of Health
The environmental model of health emerged with modern analyses of ecosystems and environmental risks to human health. In this model is defined in terms of the quality of a person’s adaptation to the environment as conditions change.

This model includes the effects in personal health of socioeconomic status, education, and multiple environmental factors.

Unlike the medical model, which focuses in diseased organs and biological abnormalities, the environmental model focuses on conditions outside the individual that affect his or her health.

This conditions include the quality is air and water, living conditions, exposure to harmful substances, socioeconomic conditions, social relationships, and the health care system.

In many respects the environmental model of health is similar to ancient Asian and Native American philosophies that associate health with harmonious interactions with fellow creatures and the environment.

In particular, as the environment changes, one’s interaction with it must change to remain in harmony. Illness is interpret as disharmony of human and environmental interactions.
The Environmental Model of Health
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