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Pathway to Success

Healthy Mind

Who and what are winners'
* Winners take responsibility for themselves. They know what they wantand set realistic goals for themselves.
* Winners make it happen, losers let it happen (but then losers Ibelieve are only misguided winners). `Losers` probably lack only a rightattitude, maybe a bit of knowledge or perhaps motivation or direction atcrucial times.
* Winners have a positive self image. They read biographies of famouspeople. They watch educational and inspirational cassette tapes for selfimprovement, as well as stimulating television programmes in general.Winners have a quest to gain knowledge and make the most of themselves -they know their time is limited and precious and so they make the mostof it.

It is easy for you to become a winner too. You can read positive booksand other inspirational works. Like this one. You can listen tomotivational tapes, which can also serve to improve one`s attitude tolife. At first I was very skeptical, but they definitely do work if youallow them to sink in through repetition (it is not brainwashing, butcontrolled learning). I feel I am learning something new every day.There is such a great amount of truth and knowledge to be found inbooks.

Feed your mind continually with positive thoughts.Remember to take time out to relax and unwind. Before the mind can berelaxed, the muscles must be. A relaxed body makes for a healthy mind,which can absorb information more easily. So you can watch the`soapies`, if that gives you enjoyment and relaxes you! But DO EXERCISEas well. I definitely don`t get enough of that. Winners visualizesuccess and positive outcomes to their endeavours and they know when torelax. Remember how and what you think determines the way your life willturn out; because our thoughts determine our attitudes.

It is said that winners have only 5% of the available talent, but have95 per cent of the drive. Usually there is not such a great differencebetween the world`s top sportsmen, in terms of pure talent. Much of whatdistinguishes the winners amongst them comes from the mind ... thinkingpositively that you are a winner and handling pressure. Think of thesportsmen who got to the top through sheer hard work, far more thantheir natural talent. I often think of a small man, like South African (my former country) golfer Gary Player. A man not physically endowed (sounds rude that!), who was out-driven metres and metres by the far larger American golfers. He was always at his best, when the `chips were down`. Not French fries.

Remember, on your journey to the top (if that`s what you want ... andit`s not for everyone), sheer hard work and DETERMINATION is just asimportant as your intelligence and ability. Together with a POSITIVE attitude (mindset), it is probably the single most important step on your stairway to success.

To be successful yourself, associate with winners - not because they are successful people whose coat-tails you want to hang onto. Rather,because they are positive people who have achieved something in life, nomatter how small it may be. They do not have to be rich and famous - aslong as you enjoy their company ... and them yours. There`s nothing wrongwith admiring or envying them as role models.Ask yourself: Would I like to `fly with the eagles, or scratch with theturkeys`'There`s a famous t-shirt that states:`It`s hard to soar like an eagle when you`re surrounded by turkeys.` `Eagles may fly high, but weasels don`t get sucked into jet engines.

- Success comes from 90% perspiration and 10% inspiration.
- famous American inventor, Thomas Edison and one of the men, who has had the most impact on the world in the twentieth century.What will YOUR impact be on the world'
Healthy Mind

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