Saturday, June 04, 2011

Health and Wellness

Because wellness is dynamic can continuous, no dimension of wellness functions in isolation.

When you have a high level of wellness or optimal health, all dimension are integrated and functioning together.

The whole is made up of four components: mind, body, spirit and emotions.

To recognized our own health status, the person must remind itself that they are more than just physical bodies. The person must come to appreciate the true integration, balance, and harmony of mind, body, spirit and emotions.

The person’s environment (including work, school, family, community) and his or her physical, emotional, intellectual, occupational, spiritual and social dimensions of wellness are in tune with one another to produce harmony.

Wellness can be characterized as an integrated state of optimum function, a continually evolving and changing process.

Health educators commonly refer to six dimensions of health and wellness emotional, intellectual, spiritual, occupational, social and physical.
Health and Wellness
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