Monday, October 17, 2016

Divergent thinking

Divergent thinking is a process of thinking in which many different ideas or solution are generated from a single idea or problem. This may take a number of directions and also it consists of generation of multiple responses.

It is involves thinking widely; like the light bouncing off a convex mirror bulging outwards, the person thinking spreads out into the universe in all directions.

In divergent thinking there is no single correct response, the value of responses depends upon it suitability, usefulness and meaningfulness.

The search to uncover the root cause problem is considered a divergent thinking process because it requires the application of creativity first to separate symptoms from root problems and then to adequately define the problem in a way that leads to a resolution.

One important characteristics of divergent thinking is that it is closely related to creative behavior and some authors use it in place of creative thinking. Divergent thinking is the central unit in the creative process. Divergent thinking test are often used, though of course they really just estimate the potential for creative thought.
Divergent thinking
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